Timing Pulley

High speed or high torque transmission needs highly efficient design in terms of  load transferring capabilities, synchronization and limiting torque. Timing pulley is the ultimate solution.

Timing beltdrive fulfill the requirements for a positive drive capable of maintaining an exact speed ratio without creep.

Timing pulleys are precision machined and have teethes to perfectly match the belts.

Features :

  • positive non-slip drive maintain exact speed ratio without creep or sleep
  • Outstandingly high mechanical efficency
  • Smooth operation and constant angular velocity with no jerk or vibration
  • Belts do not stretch in use and are corrosion free. Clean operation makes them ideal for contamination sensitive application.
  • Operate at speeds beyond those practical for roller chains.
  • No maintenance, No lubrication required. No retensioning, No need for adjustable motor bases. Reduced operating cost.
  • Reduced belt tension, Longer drive bearing life.
  • Minimal heat build up resulting in cooler operation.
  • Space saving through smaller pulleys and short center distances.
  • Wide range of application from Fractional Horse Power to 250 Kw, Speed upto 20000 rpm, Speed ratio upto 20:1
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