Poly- V pulley


Multi V groove pulleys are manufactured as per ISO 9982 standards from different specified materials viz. Grey Cast Iron, Aluminum, Steel etc. We also have the capability to offer pulleys with Taper Lock Bush (TLB) & QD bush arrangement.

Since Multi V grove belt drives being 3 times higher surface contacts than flat belt drives, it assumes following benefits.

  • High speed drive upto 60 m/s belt speed is possible and slippage is about to be nil.
  • This drive ensures extremely high flexibility and consequently transmission rates up to the ratio of  40:1 using pulleys of extremely small diameters.
  • Power loss least at the efficiency of about 98% and limits vibration and noise of operation as well.
  • It also allows short centre distances and so the compact drive.

We are manufacturing all type of groove profile like J, K, L & M

We can also supply as per customer requirement or as per customer drg.

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